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Change Management

Regardless of the change – culture, project, business transformation we work with clients to hardwire mindest and behavioural change to ensure the full benefits of any change program are realized. In all cases, explicit attention is paid to managing both the operational side and the people side of change.

We coach leaders – For long term success the foundations of our approach to coaching leaders to lead change and culture programmes is build on a context of learning. so they learn to manage the change agenda, get deep and wide organization buy-in, communicate strategically and consistently, to sustain and reinvent change as necessary.

We applying the following disciplines and practices.

  • Systemic Thinking (a discipline to understand the interdependencies of change – feedback loops and links to effectively deal with the forces that shape & delay the consequences of our actions )
  • Team Learning (discipline of group interaction – through dialogue, skillful discussion, teams can transform their collective thinking to mobilize their energies and action to achieve the common purpose)
  • Shared Intent (a discipline to focus on common purpose – knowing and sharing the ‘why’, because we buy into values and beliefs over benefits)
  • Blockages ( a discipline of reflection and enquiry – to push through counterproductive conclusions & assumptions)