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The challenge is to adapt — or die. The sudden shifts in the economic and political environment only serve to underline the relevance of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection — a power “incessantly ready for action,” as he wrote in The Origin of Species.

In today’s environment its recognised companies must adapt to survive, the workplace is filled with employees who are highly networked and interconnected – and urgent change and difficult transformation is often required for improving commercial and cultural performance .

When embarking on organisational modifications we believe it’s a leadership responsability to lead the change not Astin Brown’s. Rather we’ll partner with you and transfer our expertise into your business to develop your organisational capability.

We customise change approaches so our clients know:

  • How to lead , inspire , empower and hard wire the change effort
  • How to maintain the engagement and motivation of staff
  • How to work through networks of committed people
  • How to ensure change is sustained
  • How to convert the results from the change effort to the balance sheet
  • How to manage the risks and blocks that may sabotage the change efforts
  • How to communicate the change efforts with understandable, fact based transparency
  • How to apply disciplined road maps & change tools and keep track of results