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Systemic Coaching
Systemic Coaching describes coaching programs involving a number of executives and leaders across an organisation in which they are all provided with coaching that uses the same models, provides the same leadership and behavioural languages, and delivers consistent leadership outlines and frameworks that can be cascaded through the organisation. In these programs all the participants receive the same models and frameworks that are then customised to help them work with their unique issues & challenges using common leadership language and processes across the organisation.

Systemic Coaching programs often include the use of assessment tools and instruments including 360 assessments, behaviour and personality assessments and other team development tools.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is customised for the individual and focuses on the needs and challenges and goals of the executive as well as those of the sponsoring organisation. The executive coach works with their client to help them develop insights into what is required to be successful at the top levels, identify barriers to success and derailing factors, maintain a strategic focus and to maintain a healthy balance between their work and life objectives.

In partnership with AELCC – deliver Executive Coaching in organisations where there is often more than one executive being coached, either simultaneously or sequentially. Using consistent models and approaches with coaches who are trained to use them and monitored for maintaining quality, provides consistent messages across the organisation.

Transition Coaching
New roles, especially those that are a promotion, require different behaviours and skills, and a shift in style from being task oriented to a more strategic and people focus. Leadership and strategic agility become more critical and the transition to the General Manager role is often the most challenging, where skills and behaviours used in the past may not be appropriate in the new role. The models and tools used are designed to remain with the leader and be used with their staff.

Targeted Coaching
Targeted Coaching involves brief intervention and support to develop specific competencies or behaviours. Targeted coaching provides immediate support for individuals to develop and implement specific skills and behaviours that are required for the current role or to be considered for alternate or future roles. Targeted coaching takes the form on “just in time” support and utilises proven behavioural change technologies that enable rapid change and learning.

Progressive Coaching
With the shortage of good talent many people are pushed to promotion very quickly and lack the experience and time in other roles to learn and develop the advance leadership skills required. They are then often at risk as they lack the leadership and people skills to succeed at the General Manager or higher levels