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Needs Driven

The majority of leaders tell us its ‘overwhelming’ operating in today’s environment – ‘it’s volatile, complex, with unprecedented uncertainty, because of technology people are hyper-connected and we are facing new competitors.’

Its evident to us leaders need to improvise and lead a business with a new mindset: a readiness to effectively adapt to change. This may require creating capabilities in the organisations culture that were not previously present, but which have been deemed vital to the growth of the business. Or changing a dominant personality trait within the culture that is impeding overall performance or even putting a company at risk.

Many people, of course fail to see it that way, succumbing to the enormous pressure to produce strategic plans or responding to an employee engagement survey in the hope of achieving results from their actions.

We believe companies need to rethink their approach to organisational culture, strategy and change. Building companies that are purpose driven, with leaders who can sense early and respond quickly to abrupt changes and run “experiments” that are in-line with the business purpose and cultural intent are fast becoming the companies everyone will want to work for.