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Organisational Behaviour & Culture

In an increasingly competitive environment our clients arecalling for an energetic change and want passionate employees to take the organisation to the next level of growth.

Clients who start assignments with us are looking for support from experienced cultural change experts who can coach their Leadership team to ensure alignment of WHY the current culture (traditions, beliefs, behaviors)needs to adapt for an increasingly competitive environment. Get them involved in defining WHAT culture change is required and HOW it can be achieved within i.e. the practical steps to achieving this culture change.

They brief us with statements like

  • We have lost our passion, how do we get it back ?
  • What can we do to address employee engagement issues?
  • How can we preserve the company’s culture while still pursuing major cost-cutting initiatives?
  • How can we determine if we have the right culture to achieve our strategic objectives?

Astin Brown has experience in diagnosing engagement and culture problems, but also in moving clients successfully toward higher engagement or toward a desired culture.